Lost shoe

When the water in the river is low you can find many things. I was suprised to see many shoes and boots. I guess people lose them often.


With help from the low water level I was able to make this photo. When water level is normal, it is impossible to get this view and angle.

Low water level

Today i had a walk near the river. The water level of the river has been really love for some time. This means you can walk in areas were normally is water. And take different photo’s.


Today, I went on my first little photowalk of the year. The weather was not so great. It was cold, wet and windy. Not my favorite type of weather. This one was taken during a dry period.


Photos should not only stay on our computers. So this year I decided to make a calendar with my photos. Last week my own calendar was delivered in the mail. I like the result very much. Next project will be putting a book together with my favourite photos of 2016.