New look

As you can see I changed the look of my website. My plan is to do more with the website then only posting the same images here as I do on Instagram.

I have some idea’s that I want to work out. One of these is adding galleries to the website. I think I have found a nice plugin for that and i am experimenting with it. In the menu you can already find 2 galleries now, ‘Streets of Nijmegen’ and ‘Nature’. The big┬ádecision I also need to make is, do I keep it in English or change it to Dutch?

Anyway, don’t be surprised that it will look different the next time you visit me.

Take care!

The Crossing

72 Years ago, on this day, soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division crossed the river Waal in small boats. Their goal was to capture the two bridges that cross the river. 48 Soldiers lost their life that afternoon.

Big Shovel

In 1935 construction started on the new park. The work was done by 160 unemployed workers. In the also a football stadium was constructed. A lot of ground had to be removed for the construction. This was done with shovels. As you can imagine it was hard work. The work finished in 1939. This monument is in the park near the stadium.