Had a nice walk this afternoon in the city center. Visited a photography exhibition in the Stevenskerk. Actually they are 2 exhibitions, The first one is from the Zilveren Camera. This most prestigious price for photojournalism in the Netherlands. The second one is from a local photojournalist Flip Fransen.  Both are great exhibitions. After that I  did practice more on street photography. This photo was taken at the end of the walk. The woman saw me taking a photo and started to wave. I took the photo and waved back.


Today I did some more streetphotography in the city center. I love the hunt for subjects and moments. I saw this man coming towards me, waited for him to get closer. And then made the photograph.

Shoes in the air

Next week Tuesday starts the biggest event of the year in my city, the International 4 Days Marches. This it will be the 100th time that this event is organised. Almost 50000 people have to walk 30, 40, 50 or 50 km everyday, depending on their age and gender. Most of the participants come from the Netherlands but there will also be thousands of walkers from 67 other countries. When you complete the 4 days you get a medal and a hero’s welcome at the finish on Friday.

In some streets in the city center you will find decorations like this.