Had a nice walk this afternoon in the city center. Visited a photography exhibition in the Stevenskerk. Actually they are 2 exhibitions, The first one is from the Zilveren Camera. This most prestigious price for photojournalism in the Netherlands. The second one is from a local photojournalist Flip Fransen.  Both are great exhibitions. After that I  did practice more on street photography. This photo was taken at the end of the walk. The woman saw me taking a photo and started to wave. I took the photo and waved back.

Ice cream

Last weekend I started a new experiment. Normally I always post-proces my images in Lightroom. Often just minor changes/corrections and sometimes a lot. But for the next few weeks I will not do that and try to get the best possible image directly out of the camera. And only post jpegs the camera makes.

Of course you should always go for the best possible image. But the fact that we can correct things on the computer can make us lazy.

I think it will be good exercise to get better and pay more attention to what I am doing. 


Cenakel kerk

This is one of the most beautiful churches in my city. It is also built in a very different style then other churches. And inside it is full with murals and mosaics.